Chuck f***** Taylor

American basketball player

The Converse All-Star was introduced in 1920, one of the first specifically designed to be worn when playing basketball. Taylor started wearing them in 1917 as a high school basketball player at Columbus High School in Columbus, Indiana. (A.G. Spalding had already been making a basketball-model shoe for nearly two decades. In 1923, Taylor went to the sales offices of Converse in Chicago searching for a job. S.R. “Bob” Pletz, an avid sportsman, then hired him.

Within a year, Taylor’s suggestions of changing the design of the shoe to provide enhanced flexibility and support, and also including a patch to protect the ankle, were adopted. The All-Star star logo was then immediately included on the patch. By 1932 Chuck Taylor’s name was added to the patch, and the shoe became the Chuck Taylor All-Stars.